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Judging and accepting the fact that you are being judged


Citing a quote by Clinton Kelly about how ubiquitous the characteristic of judgment is and how you can channel the inevitable fact that you, human being, will have an opinion (judgment) about everything.

Like it or not, we human beings are judge-y. Judging others is written into our DNA. Some of us wouldn’t be here today, watching TV, if our ancestors were unable to discern a good guy from a bad guy. You know, let a bad guy into your cave at night, you might not wake up in the morning. We’re still an “us vs. them” bunch. Just open the newspaper and it’s all tribal-based finger-pointing.

Can you consciously decide not to judge others based on their appearance? Of course. But it’s not easy. When you’re drooling over Jon Hamm in a well-cut suit, you’re judging. (Guilty.) When you’re fantasizing about having a sleepover with Jennifer Lawrence, you’re judging. (Guilty.)

Based on a stranger’s appearance, we know almost immediately whether we want to get closer to him or her or farther away. You’re judging people all day without realizing it: Is that a good guy or a bad guy? Would I ever in a million years consider dating that person? So, the game is on. You have the choice to play it on your own terms, on society’s terms, or to opt out all together. – See more at: http://damemagazine.com/2014/04/17/dont-hate-clinton-kelly-because-youre-beautiful#sthash.IZPsvWkT.dpuf

*I’ve always disliked when people cite Matthew 7:1-3 – “Judge not that ye be not judged” only in order to shut down or shame someone else for having a negative opinion about whatever is under discussion, but not to spark a conversation with true analysis.  And I’ve always wished that more times people would stop and consider what they think is praise worthy (another form of judgment) as well.