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After the party, sober observations


So, it’s been two years since Trump was elected president and that marks approximately three years that my views have be come more right leaning.

In that time, I have positively inhaled countless hours of more right leaning political media – ranging from books, podcasts and YouTube videos. The opinions, humor and content was so new and interesting to me, that I was positively giddy with excitement to behold it all.

But as with anything when time passes, the initial excitement wears thin and the ensuing sobriety allows you to take a closer look at the actual ‘content’ versus the emotions it elicits.

Here’s the biggest takeaway (currently) that I have in the harsh daylight – just because you think that someone is right about one area doesn’t mean that they will be right – in other areas. or all humans – regardless of their political leanings – are flawed.

A vague and even too on the nose observation, yes? Here’s what I mean.

From about 2015 until sometime in 2018, I watched a  ton of right leaning political commentary videos. A very popular target of their content was anti-SJW, anti-feminism and anti-BLM topics. But it didn’t stop there. In addition to critiquing their opposition’s arguments – these content creators also state – subtly or overtly – that the commentator themselves are not as honest, principled, funny, smart or down right virtuous as the Right.

A couple of examples include Milo Yiannopolus, Matt Jarbo and Dave Ramsey.

It’s easy to see the hypocrisies of Milo and Matt, I was inspired to write this post because of Dave. The jolt to write came after listening to yet another spiel of Dave repeating how reasonable, willing to argue and virtuous the Right is. It’s pretty much his brand’s tagline at this point.

No, the Right isn’t more virtuous. It’s using the stratetigic tactics of the underdog. Kind of when they go low then we go high type of thinking.

So, the Liberal strongholds include academia, legacy media companies and even the general zeitgeist. In addition to attempting to replicate these institutions but from a Right point of view, the alternative side also to make a variation of the appeal to emotion. That is to say, the Right is arguing that not is their cause just (their arguments are logically correct) but the people making the arguments also are imbued with just so many more virtuous qualities than the Left.

Back to Dave Rubin and his repeptive spiel about being willing to have a conservation.

He doesn’t.

The supermajority of Rubin’s guests are right lite, moderate right leaning poltical views. But, thanks to You Tube’s algorithim that makes sure to recommend more and more extreme Right leaning views, I am well aware that his guests’ views are down right tepid by comparison.

So, Rubin, despite all proclamations to the contrary, doesn’t speak to everyone. He has a line, a limit to what he’s willing to tolerate or even what he considers to be serious.

Good grief, what is the point of pointing out that mundane fact.

Not much. Just to note that everyone – on the right or left – has their limits and boundaries that they are willing to set for themselves. The so-called Right proposes that their boundaries are more elastic than the Left, but I think this is only because they are trying to deliberately contrast themselves to a generalized uptight non talkative Left.

Take away: we’re more alike than we would like to admit. The best way to prove this assertion is to look at how more Right leaning regimes behave when they are in power.





The article above details how the author was involved with an abusive (emotionally and verbal) relationship. But in particular the author was baffled as to how she in particular got involved because she was a feminist and an anti domestic violence advocate.

Reading the story, I kept having the same thought, ‘but how was this suppose to prevent you from being in an abusive relationship**?

Feminism, as has been repeated ad nauseam, is the belief that men and women are equals. THAT’S IT.

But in addition to it’s professed definition, there are apparently several underlying assumptions. One of these assumptions is that by adhering to the ideology of feminism women will be protected from gendered harm.

But as the author discovered, it doesn’t.

I wandered if the author dedicated herself to feminism not just to help women but to help herself. Several times throughout the article, the author confessed to her own weaknesses and foibles. Did she cling to feminism because she thought that she had found sometime to make her whole, to keep her safe?

Will the author or should I say will feminism address this deficit in their ideology?

I have my doubts that it will. So far, the feminist movement has been immune to correcting itself.

**The author characterized her relationship as ‘abusive’ in today’s parlance but really she was involved with a guy who cheated on her, who was a drifter and he was someone who another person told her was ‘manipulative.’ I’m just saying the title was a bit overstated for my tastes.**

How one breakthrough candidate dampened my excitement for the next


The quickest of the quickest background needed for this piece – 1. I am a life long Democrat voter and 2. I voted for President -soon to be former – President Obama twice.

I still remember the Election Day from that year. The day just carried an excitement, I remember hearing people honking in the streets as they – as we waited for the tally to come in to confirm what so many people expected, hoped for – America had elected its first Black president.

The next election, 2012, was a decidedly less exciting affair. I don’t remember the day, the excitement. I do remember voting – this time I did early voting. The lines were long, but  the weather was pleasant. The only celebrity I met in person was Mario Van Peebles who stopped by to “encourage” the voters to stay in the voting line and actually vote I suppose.

The novelty of the first African American president(technically he is mixed, but I feel confident his race will be recorded as African American) had been greatly lowered. These people elected to their jobs were, well, expected to do their jobs. I was increasingly aggravated by the slow process that change that Obama administration had promised.

And to be more honest, I didn’t even remember what I wanted the Obama administration to accomplish. I just got caught up in the day to day fights of Democrats vs Republicans, but I had no overarching dreams/goals for the administration to accomplish. Wow, that’s sad to say, but when I announce myself as a life long Democrat, essentially I am saying that I took my marching orders as far as the most important issues from the Democratic party. Abortion, gun rights, social issues – I had an opinion about these issues because they were the issues being talked about.

Enter Madame Hilary Clinton. The supposed first female president  of the United States. And I didn’t care.  I knew the Hillary Clinton name from years of public use, she was a woman, I do believe women are capable of handling leadership roles. But her gender didn’t matter to me. I had learned from watching President Obama.

Skin color and sex didn’t matter. It comes down to whether she could do the job.

And I didn’t know if she could. Moreover, I didn’t trust her to do the job.

So I didn’t vote for her. I didn’t vote for Trump. For the first time, in my voting life, I didn’t vote at all. I felt embarrassed not to be able to say that I voted for someone.But I didn’t believe the other candidates had a chance and I don’t believe in a protest vote.




Another #bbhmm essay i.e. I don’t buy Rihanna as a bill collector


BBBHM is a tale of revenge, that was highly celebrated in some circles and highly criticized in others.

In my circle of one (I complete me), I was …. than enthused with the video and the song for that matter.

  1. Revenge is a dish best served cold is how the saying goes. That is true for the person who is perpetrating the avenging actions. For those who witness such actions to sympathize and later route for the actor causing violence and havoc it is best to “feel” for their character – be outraged at their betrayal, see the devastating effects of that betrayal – on a personal emotional level and any subsequent concrete effects.
    1. The real word inspiration for Rihanna’s revenge fantasy was the fact that Rihanna’s accountant had alleged stolen money – $9 million to be approximate – (not so much stolen as gave really crummy accounting advice), regardless under his wisdom the Bajan beauty found herself nearly bankrupt by the end of 2009.
      1. Regardless of the cause, rumors about the main actors in Rihanna’s financial drama have been circulating for years. The thing is – Rihanna never came out and cried broke, gave any interviews (that I recall and none that an admittedly quick google search revealed) about her pain about being taken advantage of or experiencing Hollywood star levels of poverty. I heard the stories, looked at Rihanna – the glamour, the clothes, the homes, the travel and…..everything looked fine, so I moved on, nothing to see here, nothing to worry or cry about over here.
      2. In othe words, as an audience member I wasn’t exactly demanding that RiRi get retribution.
    2.  The character of Rihanna does not strike me as a bill collector. Yes #BBHMM is essentially a song about a bill collector. Bill collectors are demanding, dogged, unrelenting – hounding their targets at all times of the day and night, paying insistent attention to detail. The public personae/character of Rihanna is that of a stoner, a party girl, she throws shades and then goes back to the party. However else her actual private behaviors are, Rihanna’s behavior in public screams she will get sassy but overall stays in chill position.    That is to say I did not believe that the Rihanna was the right person to star in video/song. I believe the character of Rihanna wouldn’t have qualms about committing such acts I just don’t believe she would be the mastermind or the driving force behind this plot.

They said there would be riots in Boston….and there was….why?


Somehow, somewhere I heard that people would definitely riot in Boston come Sunday last.

And since I was told that it would be so, I immediately doubled down on my natural inclination to think that riots will NOT occur.

But….this happened.

And I want to want to know why did it happen? Can you accurately predict when a riot will occur? Who is rioting, who usually riots? But always coming back to my initial curiosity – how can you predict when a riot will occur?

***(I’ll also toss in, can’t promise that I will answer this time, ever burning question – do rioters ever destroy/riot outside of their own neighborhoods? , is that a line that separates a riot from a revolution?)