“Do Cooking TV Shows Make You Fat?”


“Do Cooking TV Shows Make You Fat?”

I laughed out loud when I saw this article’s title.

I loooovvve cooking TV shows, among my favorite are Good Eats (I re-watch reruns, that’s how much I heart this show) and currently my favorite cooking competition show is the Taste.

I laughed out loud because I realized I rarely actually cook what I see on tv.   A combination of costs of groceries, time to cook meals and even motivation to take on cooking show recipes that often are – if not complex – then definitely time consuming, often leaves me reaching for the simplest recipes. These simplest recipes usually come from myself – uhhm, steamed broccoli anyone, to random searches conducted online. Online I usually search for recipes for particular menu items that I already have or for dietary concerns.

I save my more adventurous cooking for the weekend, and even then costs plays a major role in my menu planning.

Cooking tv shows make you fat, **shaking my head with  a smile** well it made me chuckle on a really stressful Wednesday, so I think the article had value.

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