To the Grave: Love At First Sight, Death Without Love


I realized recently that I really enjoy romance/romantic dramas/romantic comedies.

No let me use the language of dramaland. I absolutely love romance stories and I don’t know what I would do with myself I could not inhale more and more every day!

With. that. said.

Love at first sight. People who literally cannot breath if they cannot be with the ones that they love.

Please exit left, make the first right and bury yourselves in the nearest graves.

I’ve just to come realize that these plot devices seem to suck the creativity and dramatic tension out far too many stories.

With the latter plot device, the phrase itself is so dramatic and damn near overwrought that I almostalmostalmost want to roll my eyes just reading the phrase. Dude, really? Death by not having a boyfriend/girlfriend/lover? This better be one heck of a story to explain why I shouldn’t roll my eyes when a character recites this line. Too often stories rarely provide the heightened stakes necessary for such a line sound more than the line of singularly visioned infatuated teens. My classic favorite example is Romeo and Juliet.

As far as Love at First sight goes….hmm, you don’t have to get rid of it entirely, how about just limiting it to be featured in short films and short stories. Hell, flash fiction for some couples.

Love At First sight works particularly well in a film- the focus on the exterior and not the interior that is inherent in the medium lends itself incredibly well. But Love At First sight often seems to totally take the place of building up characters. If I can’t imagine the characters talking about anything else besides how much they love each other or how much they want to be with each other —- uhhmm, that’s a sign that I don’t know what’s holding this pair together beyond their love/attraction/lust.

**Not to be totally negative Nelly, I’ll post what I’ve realized that I love about the genre.

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