Diet books leave me unfulfilled


I just finished reading “Rethinking thin : the new science of weight loss–and the myths and realities of dieting” by Gina Kolata, and I glanced through “Sugar Busters” before setting it back down. 

Both books – which were marketed towards the mass public – left me with the same impression – “this information again?”

Diet books currently seem to follow the formula of a brief history of dieting (usually Western as most that I’ve read imply that dieting really began with the Banting method), how obesity rates have exploded, the tyranny of American beauty standards, how diets don’t work. The End. Or, here is the diet that really works after all.

The formula is tiresome to me but I keep going back. I realize that I have my own questions about weight loss that just don’t seem to be answered.

Can people change their dietary habits? Why is it so challenging? How are people able to change the way they eat for religious or ethical questions (i.e. vegetarians, keeping kosher, etc)?

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