Whose village? When do we care about the children?


Nope, I have not seen the sex tape created by Mimi Faust and her current boyfriend, Nikko. Not particularly interested in spite of the hype of the shower curtain and the importance of buying proper shower equipment.

Anyway, I was more intrigued by the “what about her child” argument against the sex tape.  Intrigued because I’m curious about what society – or a certain segment of society – thinks is appropriate for children to learn about sex, sexual performances and who is allowed to perform (teach) them.

Not to be shady, I am a Bey fan myself, but I distinctly remember a large vocal defense of her releasing more explicit sexual material not being harmful to children, because well, 1. kids shouldn’t be watching her videos/songs anyway and 2. it’s up  to the individual parent to inform, prepare their children.  The implication being that it’s not up to other people (the collective) to raise and be responsible to other’s people’s children.  So, why are so many suddenly concerned about the welfare and emotional well being of Mimi’s child.

I assume this “protective urge” is driven from the low opinion people have of actual pornography and its performers (people consume/view pornography but they don’t respect it.)
Vs. if Mimi had made a very sexually explicit musical video, more people (maybe) would have found the video more palatable/respectable. 

Because of the buzz from this video, I do wander if Mimi has talked to her child, what she has said to her if she has.  But then, I wander if the parents (Stevie J and Mimi) have talked to the child at all about sex considering the show’s and their own public antics.  By now, I would think that the child has more liberal views on sexuality. 

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