Too Scandal-ized



I stopped watching Scandal.

There I “said” it, I’ve rewritten my opening more than a few times just struggling to put those words out into the universe.  After noticing the serious lack of dramatic shows featuring professional Black women, to finally be given one and yet to be MORE than ready not to view the show – well, let’s just say as someone who believes in supporting what you believe should flourish, I have struggled with this.  

I jumped on the bandwagon late – I caught the first season of Scandal on Netflix (I think binging is one of the best ways to watch capital D. drama.)  Oh, what’s that Olivia? More tears over the passionate, crazy, angry (good grief, is that relationship anything other than tears and sex?)Another character’s life has been threatened (or finally been assassinated, did not see that one coming). Huck is ADDICTED to murder?   Never a dull moment, always something about to happen, WHEW the show’s drama left me breathless. 

*Sigh* But melodrama leaves me tired after awhile, one shocking moment dissolves into the next until they become indistinguishable from one another.  The constant need to keep the waters churning means that very few problems actually get solved permanently (too ironic for a show about a professional fixer). It’s repetitive as heck after awhile.  Besides, I feel slightly annoyed  irritated beyond belief when characters remain in so called untenable situations that could be solved by simply walking away. 

Walk away. 

Much of the apathy that melodrama eventually incites in me could be solved if series runners would realize that this is a genre best enjoyed in short doses.  Always leave with your audience wanting more.  It would have been so much sweeter, and hotter if Scandal were the one to walk away from me instead of me turning off my laptop.   



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